For Photographers: How to CODB (Cost of doing business)

€ 199,00

Stop guessing numbers! Stop charging what the next door photographer is charging! Stop charging what you will pay! You're not your client.

Start taking your photography business seriously and charge what you're worth. What you need to survive on and live on. And not as a hobby! And let's level up.

This workshop is a live zoom 1-2-1 call taking you step by step and showing you how to calculate your costs in your photography business in order to get the minimum price you need to charge in order to pay your monthly business costs, recoup savings from your purchases, have backup cashflow for repairs and new purchases, and take a salary for yourself according to the amount of hours you work plus taxes.

You will receive a template to fill your numbers in, and then a zoom call scheduled so I can take you step by step in the most easiest way to understand on how to calculate all those numbers.

Plus an exclusive Facebook group for ongoing support!

Are you ready? Check out, and I will contact you to schedule the session. 

Please note: The template and zoom call will be in English.