Fresh 48 Newborn - hospital fotoshoot

€ 149,00

You can now book your fresh 48 photoshoot at the hospital for your baby in Tienen. For Leuven, please contact us before booking.

A fresh 48 session is the first ever photoshoot of your baby. Your baby is still just as he/she is born. The rawness, brand new look of your baby shouldn't go uncaptured.

The session is about 30 mins long, can be dressed in an outfit and or swaddled in a blanket. Using the natural light coming in through the window of your room. Photos of parents and or siblings, is also possible.

Delivered photos are going to look exactly like your newborn. There will be no over edited skin, or smoothing just so you have images that will help you remember your baby just as he/she first arrived on this earth. 

You will recieve 10+ images.

How to book?

Purchase a session, then in the comments let us know when your baby has arrived and your room number.

If your baby hasn't arrived yet, no problem. Just email us when they have and your room number too.

Let us also know if there are siblings to be included or not. If there are siblings, who are of school age, we recommend the session best be done just after school where the children can be brought in to see their new sibling. 

I will visit you during visiting hours which are 15h-18h in Tienen.