Feeding memories


A few weeks within your new role as a parent and you are starting to feel more at ease with the overwhelming emotions and doubts every parents encounter when caring for their fragile treasure.

You feel the bond with your baby deepening and enjoy all the little moments of connection with your little angel.

Of all of those moment, the feeding may be the most precious one. It is a moment of peace. A moment for only the two of you.

Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding is up to you.  But one thing is certain, those moments deserve to be kept forever.


The session:

The feeding session is a mini-session with us in one decor.

We use all our skills and creativity to create pictures of mummy (or daddy) and baby while they have their precious moment together that will always have a special place in your heart.


The offer:

A session of 20 minutes in one decor.

Pictures of mummy (or daddy) and baby.

Professional editing and retouching of the pictures.

2 edited high-resolution digital pictures of your choice, to share or to print (raw pictures are never available).

You may of course take a look at our pricelist to discover what other products are available.

Price: Included in the full journey package.

Dates: on appointment.